How to Find the Best Auto Body Repair Shop – Tips on Choosing The Best Collision Repair

Whether your car needs a certain part repaired or it’s been the victim of a nasty accident, you want to learn how to find the best auto body repair shop immediately. After all, your car is how you get to work and back again – and it can feel like your life is on hold when your car is in the repair shop.

That’s exactly why you need to find the best auto body repair shop – so you can get your life back on track faster!

If you’ve previously restricted your auto body repair search to simply looking in the phone book, it’s time to change your methods and use these techniques to find the best collision repair service in your neighborhood:

• Don’t trust your insurance companies to provide you with a list of stellar mechanic services. In fact, one of the dirty little tricks that insurance companies like to use is to require you to go to mechanics that they’ll be able to make the most money off of. Therefore, make sure that you let them know who you want to take care of your auto body repair needs, as you can begin negotiations with your insurance providers.

• Look at customer reviews online. Third-party reviews are some of the best indicators of superior auto body repair services, so don’t be afraid to take the opinion of others on board during your search. Simply Google a potential auto body repair shop along with the term “customer reviews” to find exactly what you’re looking for. On a similar note, you can check social media sites for third-party comments about the customer experiences at local auto body repair shops.

• Once you’ve narrowed down the potential collision repair services you’d like to use, ask to see a portfolio. This information can help you hire the right services, as you’ll be able to see previous examples of how the mechanics have handled similar repairs to your own.

• Look for a good price. It’s important for business leaders to choose a company that offers fair pricing. Look out for auto body repair shops that will give you one price to pay cash with, but will give a separate quote at almost double the cost for your insurance company. The best company will offer fair prices that won’t change, no matter who is paying.

Be sure to use these tips and techniques to find the best auto body repair shop in your neighborhood.

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